A papadum is a thin, crisp, disc-shaped food from the Indian subcontinent; typically based on a seasoned dough usually made from peeled black gram flour (urad flour), fried or cooked with dry heat. Flours made from other sources such as lentils, chickpeas, rice, tapioca, or potato can be used.

Pappadum is a delicious traditional crispy snack that is served either as an appetizer or with a main meal. Mini Pappadums are the perfect snack – they are delicious on their own or to dip into chutney, pickles or raita. They make a great alternative to crisps at parties.

Pappadum SizeDiameter of each Pappadum
Size-11″ inches (23 – 27mm)
Size-21.5″ inches (36 – 40mm)
Size-32″ inches (48 – 52mm)
Size-43″ inches (74 – 78mm)
Size-54″ inches (97 – 103mm)
Size-65″ inches (121 – 130mm)
Size-76″ inches (145 – 155mm)
Size-87″ inches (175 – 185mm)

1.Mini Papad
2.Chennai Papad